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It has been said that “first impressions always last”.

This can prove to be accurate when regarding many things – new people you meet, a new job you’re considering, or even a first bite of a gourmet meal. These first memories or impressions make an impact on everybody; the same goes for your home, of course. This is where the importance of landscaping is.

Professional Lawn Mowing Services In Lehi


You can have the best entertainment system in your living room or have bedrooms fit for 5-star hotels… but if someone pulls up to your home and sees nothing but weeds, tall grass, and wet patches of soil for miles and miles, then that’s the thing that will always stick out to your guests.

Guess you could say that when it comes to your home – what’s on the outside counts just as much as what’s on the inside. So call us now and we’ll take care of your yard, just as you want it. Whether it’s for residential or commercial properties, we’ve got you covered!


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“Had no idea how amazing our lawn could look with some professional help! So glad we called!”

– Frank Rangler

What are the Services that Landscaping Lehi offers?

Our company offers a wide variety of services that encompass virtually all of your landscaping needs! After all, as one of the best in the Utah area, we can guarantee nothing but excellent service at your behest.

Here is a list of only some of the services we could do for you!

  • Lawn Maintenance – While others call it “groundskeeping”, this service aims to ensure the safety and look of your fantasy garden. This includes having intricate knowledge of horticultural upkeep and having the best tools of the trade, and knowing how to use them!
  • Landscape Design – If a painter has their mediums of paint or charcoal, a landscape artist works with nature itself. Landscape design is an exciting service that we serve that deals with the look and purpose of your yard or land. From the elegance of koi ponds to the benefits of a bushel of a certain type of flower, our professional landscape artists and architects have got every detail covered!
  • Irrigation Repair – In order to prevent the wasting of precious water, irrigation repair services are necessary to save on this resource as well as protect your garden. Pipe leaks or clogged sprinklers are nothing to us!
  • Landscape Lighting – Do the kids still say “it’s lit” these days? Well, you can literally light up your landscape with professional lighting! From keeping your garden well lit and nourished during darker times, like during the winter, or giving you some extra safety in the middle of the night.
  • Tree Trimming – Nobody can control how the sycamore grows and while, you don’t always have to cut it down—trimming it in such a way that makes it manageable and safe is always a good idea. Prevent accidents or mistakes by hiring professionals like ours to render this service for you!
  • Fire Features – From fireplaces to fire pits, keep you, your family, and all of your guests besides both warm and entertained by installing these truly enchanting fire features! Professionally done fire features can also add a significant amount of value to your home if or when you’re deciding to put your property up on the market!
  • Masonry – If you need something built or repaired for your residential or commercial property, our builders can handle any kind of situation. With years of experience in handling matters concerning brick and stone, masonry services are in their blood. Forget hoping for the best—when the best masonry service in Utah is just a phone call away!
  • Water Features – Fountains, ponds, reverse-aquariums… you name it! You need a professional set up that involves water, you’re going to need someone who knows what they’re doing in order to make sure that everything is safe, up to specs, sustainable, and in superb condition so that it adds a bit more class to your home!
  • Patio Design – It may seem easy but that’s why you call in a professional: we’ve got the years of training and experience to make it look easy. Sure, adding a bit of appeal to your patio can seem like it’s nothing when, in reality, there is a lot of design and effort that goes into the planning and execution of such a feat. Transform the entirety of your home with a new patio design, as assisted by some of our best artists!
“Honestly, some of the nicest guys. Came in, got it done, and now I have a beautiful yard.”

– Steven Wilgar


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Lawn Care | Maintenance & Landscaping Lehi, Salt Lake City, Utah Benefits?

Keeping a beautiful lawn isn’t just about maintaining a flat, neatly-trimmed yard—as the kids say, that’s pretty basic. Professional landscaping gives you that extra pizzazz when someone sees your home and, of course, there are other benefits than just making it all look more aesthetically pleasing.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower Energy Consumption – Having a beautiful garden or well-designed patio isn’t all that landscaping can do for you. Experts say that when designed by professionals, your lawn can actually save you over 2% in your heating and cooling costs. 2% may not seem like a big number but it certainly makes a difference when annual costs add up! The right plants, for example, can decrease your energy consumption due to heat conservation! If you have enough space for even just one tree, you’re not only helping the environment—you also prevent wind damage during winters and you provide some shade during the summer months!


  • Increased Home Value – Everyone knows that purchasing property in this day and age can be a bit tricky. Once you’ve purchased something, it’s an investment that you can resell at any time of your choosing. Investing in proper, professional lawn services gives your home that additional boost in value in the real estate market by up to 20%! Also, a good-looking landscape will also attract more competitive buyers so that price can only go up, up, up!


  • Stress Relief – Psychologically speaking, there are also many benefits that come with decorating and gardening. A significant majority of lawn services deals with the care and preservation of plants, after all! Planting and growing flowers, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, et cetera… these are calming activities that you could do on your own, with friends, or with your whole family! You can turn the upkeep of your professionally landscaped yard into a whole activity for everyone!

  • Creative Expression – Nobody is the same – and neither are their gardens. What someone’s first impression of you, as a person, sticks with them; and the same goes for your home! When you have your yard professionally landscaped in accordance with your taste and personality, you have a first impression that does justice to who you are as a person—or your entire family! Plus, choosing what plants to grow in your space may also say a lot about you! You have free reign to do with your land as you desire and this may be the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity to everyone—from guests you want to impress or neighbours just walking down the street!


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Irrigation Repair In LehiWhy should I work with Landscaping Lehi?

Entrusting a significant portion of your home to any one company can be pretty daunting. Trust us, we understand.


But as we have earned the reputation of being one of the best and one of the most reputable landscape artists, architects, horticulturalists, builders, et cetera… you can be certain that you and your property are in good hands. Our priority will always be your satisfaction and knowing we did a good job for you is the greatest reward we could ever ask for.

So call us now and take a chance on us – we promise we will never let you down!